District Committee Meeting

While the official name of this gathering is “The District Committee,” it is commonly referred to as “The Table”. This meeting is a closed meeting to non A.A. members and includes only members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Non-members may attend with the approval of "Table". This meeting is held the last Thursday of each month.

The next district meeting will be held at:

Thursday, February 28, 8:00pm
Hillcrest Community Centre
69 Centre St

District 34 Elections of Officers and Sub-Committee Chair for 2019/2020 Term

Elections were held on September 27 2018. Our Officers and Sub-Committe Chairs for the 2019/2020 term are:

  • District Committee Member - Bev H
  • Alternate District Committee Member - Inga D
  • Secretary - Betty W
  • Treasurer - Beth C
  • Public Information - Anne V
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community - Kelly M
  • Treatment - Mike S
  • Corrections - Deborah T
  • Grapevine - Jackie S
  • Archives - Lilliane T
  • Self Support - Terry T
  • Webmaster - Andrew F