District Committee Meeting

While the official name of this gathering is “The District Committee,” it is commonly referred to as “The Table”. This meeting is a closed meeting to non A.A. members and includes only members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Non-members may attend with the approval of "Table". This meeting is held the last Thursday of each month.

The next district meeting is being held in person on Thursday, January 26, 8pm.

Thursday, January 26
Hillcrest Community Centre
69 Centre St

District 34 Elections Held September 29 - Elected Members

We still need you for service beyond the home group! It's important that we fill the vacant positions of Public Information, CPC and Archives. Please attend the District Meeting on October 27 to stand for one of these positions.

  • District Committee Member - Mike S, One Page at a Time
  • Alternate District Committee Member - Carla W
  • Secretary - Pat S, Second Chance
  • Treasurer - Peter, Happy Destiny
  • Public Information - Vacant
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community - Vacant
  • Treatment - Vince, Triangle Unity
  • Corrections - Neil W
  • Grapevine - Debra, Bath Rebuilders
  • Archives - Vacant
  • Self Support - Teressa, Out of the Fog
  • Webmaster - Kelly M, Consecon Better Life